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What Type Of Security Camera do I Need?

Security cameras have become quite a necessity for businesses as well as residential properties. Many service providers provide a wide range of security cameras and installation services.

If you are looking into buying security cameras for your home or business, you should know your options before finalizing

your pick. Each design and type of security camera needs installation from reliable service providers like iView Security in Florida.

1. Color security cameras

Color security cameras capture colors and high-definition videos. Such cameras can be more expensive than a regular black and white security camera. Like a white and black camera, these cameras make it easier for investigators to track down the culprit.

For instance, if the security camera captures any suspicious activity, the security personnel won’t have much trouble pinning down the criminal. Why? Because the camera would have captured how the criminal looks and what he was wearing.

Hence, a colored video saves time as it gives a clearer picture of what happened and who committed the crime. Buildings like hotels, malls, and restaurants need to ensure customers’ safety which is possible via security cameras.

2. Black and white security cameras

Black and white security cameras can be less expensive, and if they display high-quality, they will be suitable for a wide variety of businesses. A security camera may not stop a crime, but it can help the investigator catch the culprit when the tape caught him red-handed.

Black and white security cameras also have a timestamp which makes it easier to write a report. Such a camera serves the same purpose as a colored camera. The only difference is in the absence of color.

3. Wireless security cameras

Wireless security cameras offer a hassle-free experience. The user simply has to set the camera in the right place without any sort of wiring. The Wireless camera is also known as the Wi-Fi camera, connects to the internet and stores the footage in the cloud or a connected personal computer.

The only connection needed is the power connection for the camera. These cameras are easy to install. People use these cameras to monitor the baby’s room, activity in the store or the hotel’s lobby. Some of these cameras also have the feature of recording the temperature, humidity, and air quality.

4. Board security cameras

These cameras are like small-footprint video cameras, and people use these cameras due to their versatile uses and nature. It has a circuit board that has optical devices and image sensors. The manufacturers produce these cameras in various sizes.

It is a lens adjoined to a circuit board. People use these for hidden spaces. These cameras are easy to mount. They provide a discreet and less expensive option for constant supervision, such as malls, stores, streets, and residential areas. These cameras are preferred because they provide high-quality surveillance 24/7.

5. Dome security cameras

The dome-shaped security cameras are in-style because of their compact and innovative design. As the name suggests, this camera has a dome shape. Such security cameras are durable and blend into the surroundings quickly, whether it is a hotel, casino, or shop, etc.

The Dome camera is not pointed towards any certain angle, so it is tricky to tell which area it covers. This point is quite a benefit for the consumers. Dome cameras mostly come with night vision, and such cameras are called infrared dome cameras. Dome cameras are a common choice in places that are prone to vandalism or tampering.

6. Bullet security cameras

Bullet security cameras are compact and need proper installation. Shaped like a rifle bullet, these cameras can rotate to change the position and adjust it according to the consumers’ needs. On the other hand, infrared bullet cameras are larger, and that’s why they need more space.

These cameras can also be weatherproof as people use them in open-air environments. They mostly have infrared so that they capture a quality video even when the light is low. With a wireless connection to the internet and connected devices, these cameras are easy to use and provide a comfortable experience.


iView Security is a Security Systems installation company based in South Florida. Consumers acknowledge our services as we individually design a professional security system tailored to their needs and customized to provide state-of-the-art security for property or business.

Contact us today at (888) 424-8439, and a security specialist will help you pick out the best security camera according to your needs.

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03 avr. 2023

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