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Low Voltage Solutions for Your Business

When you choose iView Security as your low voltage electrical contractor, your network security is our top concern. Inquire about low voltage cabling alternatives and solutions, and let our knowledgeable low voltage cable installers assist you. With iView Security data cabling contractor you can rest assured that you have a professional committed 100% to your project plan.


Low Voltage


Wiring for low-voltage commercial applications is a specialty of our electricians. Office buildings, retail establishments, and new constructions benefit from our structured cabling installation services. Voice and data cabling and low voltage is a strength of our industry-leading low voltage contractors. Find out why now!


Structured Cabling Installation

Throughout iView Security role as low voltage contractors, we've installed thousands of miles of structured cabling in Broward County. As the chosen structured cabling provider for South Florida, we offer experienced network cabling services for any business location. To meet the specific needs of each location, our voice and data cabling contractors provide white-glove service.


Voice and Data


Get network cabling services that are customized to your requirements. Our data installers create systems that can accommodate a variety of hardware configurations while also meeting both current and future demands. A wide range of enterprises is served by the voice and data cabling services provided by iView Security.


Fiber Optic


Fibre optic cable installation is intended for high-performance data networking since it has a larger bandwidth capacity and is less susceptible to electromagnetic interference. We're happy to be one of the top structured cabling providers for fibre optic cabling projects.


Communication Cabling


For optimal network performance, you need a sturdy cabling infrastructure. Connect with one of iView Low Voltage Technicians to get the right expertise, evaluation, and design of your new or existing data cabling. We do the Best Quality Ethernet cabling services. Choose the right network cabling provider  for your Business in Hallandale Beach.


Office Network


With iView Security's experienced network cable installation services for office voice and data cabling installs, you can expect nothing but the best service. Computers, phones, copiers, Wi-Fi, cameras, and other devices are connected to your phone and data network through structured data cabling. Keeping you connected at all times and in any location is our job.


Data Center Cabling


With a well-planned data center, you can increase your company's activity. iView Security data center structured cabling professionals will assist you in determining your needs and developing methods for a structured wire installation that is both efficient and effective.


Low Voltage


We take network installation and network cabling services extremely seriously as a low voltage contractor. Every business requires a reliable network cabling contractor, and as a structured cabling company, we have been delivering this assurance to all of our partners, in Hallandale Beach, for  years.

Types of Network Cabling Services

You must have a Certified Network Cable Installer with expertise in implementing network cabling infrastructure for your business. Installing, terminating, testing, and certifying network cable infrastructure components in compliance with national and international industry standards is our job as your professional network cable installers in Hallandale Beach. This network infrastructure will serve as the communications backbone for all your business data, allowing all types of digital devices to communicate internally, nationally, and globally. Many criteria influence which cables should be used to provide a stable infrastructure, including network size, speed, and topology. iView Security is your network cabling company that follows industry best practices.

  • Cat5 cable installation, also known as Cat5e cable installation, allows for high-speed data transfer at rates ranging from 10 to 100 Mbps for Cat5 and up to 1000Mbps for Cat5e.

  • Cat 6 cable network installation is backwards compatible with Cat 5 and Cat5e cables, allowing for 10Gbps data throughput.

  • Fibre Optic Cable is a cable that uses light to transmit information. A professional fibre optic contractor's installation ensures speed and dependability for the most demanding internet jobs.


Trust iView Security to design and implement the best Low Voltage solution for your business.

Why iView Security?

Our security professionals have gathered the expertise to effectively conduct security assessments in order to grasp the numerous challenges that come with implementing reliable security systems installation services in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

iView Security has been operating in the security field for over 20 years. We are getting better, in step with the technology we use. We do not want to sell you a service; we want to offer you the best service on the market, and we are committed to what we are saying.


We operate in the video surveillance field based on the most modern techniques and the latest worldwide strategies. We are proud of the experience gained over time by completing complex projects to protect industrial, governmental, and residential premises. Our success is based on innovation and ingenuity, creating a definite advantage both now and in the future over any other competing company.

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