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What if one of my security cameras does not work?

One should never compromise on security and a security camera is the best option for protection and keeping an eye on your property or business. Let's say you have a security system installed for a while. What if one of your security cameras does not work anymore?

Sooner or later after installing a security camera you will face connection issues in one or even more cameras. A security camera not functioning is a major and common problem that can drive you crazy. When a security camera is not functioning it means that either it has a no image problem, cannot view distant objects, there are no videos, or is unable to play videos. The camera needs to be fixed or otherwise, it becomes useless. In this article, you will get to know about fixing your security cameras if they are not working.

Check the connection and power supply

You must make sure that all connections are proper and the camera is powered up. Generally, a user's guide is given along with the security camera product. So consult the user's guide to make sure that you have connected the camera properly. In case if you are using a wireless security camera and a problem occurs in it then you should check the Wi-Fi connection so you should make use of a network cable to check the network connection. In addition to this make sure that the router is functioning properly. If your house has a wired camera then you shall make sure that the power supply and video signal are well transmitted, in case of a wired camera you also need to check that your injector or switch is functional or not.

Check the cables

If the camera is facing some sort of high-frequency problems then in many cases the problem lies within the cabling system. For example, if there is a problem with the lights at night time or the infrared LED is not working properly, then check out the cables. In this case, you should try a different cable to check if the camera works. Note that the camera wires are not knotted, the wires should be intact. In many cases, loose or knotted cables lead to these kinds of problems.

Check the settings

Camera settings are often forgotten or ignored many times. You may find that most commonly the security cameras cannot do 24/7 recording and have no motion detection alerts. The cameras are unable to connect to Wi-Fi and cannot make a video recording at night time, all this occurs just because you have not maintained the camera settings. You need to remember that some features in the camera need to be enabled manually while the others are set by default.


Sometimes you may need to restart or reboot your security camera to fix any kind of issue that is occurring in it. The best possible way to troubleshoot your security camera if it is not functioning is to reboot it. The process of rebooting is done to correct or adjust the settings again, to revise the connections by themselves, and to cache to flush. It's not difficult to reboot a camera. You just need to unplug the poor supply, let it stay for a few seconds, ideally 20 or 30 seconds, and then plug it in once again. If the camera has some minor issues then most probably rebooting the camera would resolve them.

Check the conflicts in the IP address

Every IP security camera installed in your property or anywhere else requires a unique IP address, it is needed to send and receive data over the internet or any other computer network. If any other device also utilizes the similar IP address which is being used by the camera then there will be a conflict and ultimately your security camera won’t work. So check whether the camera has some conflicts with the IP address.

Update the newest firmware

Update the newest software or firmware. If you still have not updated the latest software or firmware then it might be a source of the problem in your camera. For this purpose, you should consult the manufacturer of your security camera to check if they have the latest software for your device or not. Some manufacturing companies release the software every once in a while to update the devices. You can update your equipment by connecting it to VMS (virtual memory system) and access the camera’s web page.

Resetting the camera to factory default

If your camera is not working or functioning correctly then factory default is always a workable method to fix the problems in your device. Some security cameras also have a reset button, all you have to do is press the button once and you can do the factory restore settings. Some other devices come with a pinhole and you will need a needle-like thing to enable its functions. Factory reset means it will remove all the settings so you will have to enable the desired features once again.

Ask for technical help

You can contact the company that installed your equipment and have a professional technician to help you to resolve the camera issue, or you can call us at (888) 424-8439 to get help.

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