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Warehouse Security Checklist Essentials

In 2020 as we experienced the big switch to quarantine and stay home/work from home "situation," E-commerce sales grew more than 30% in USA and Storage and Distribution Networks are Expanding continuously.

As busy as the warehouses become in their operations, day-to-day logistical issues can often take up a lot of time. Nevertheless, warehouse staff and owners must keep security in mind along with productivity.

Property crime, for warehouses, in particular, is a risk in the US.

Having the right security systems is an excellent way to help.

Here comes the question: What systems do you need to keep your premises and employees safe?

Access Control

Of course, the primary thing you want to restrain is who has access to the facility — and how they are granted access to the warehouse. To monitor this, we would recommend a system with ID cards for identification purposes for all staff and authorized visitors.

Surveillance cameras

Facility Cameras are of vital importance to this kind of business. You can witness warehouse goings-on 24/7; inside, outside, and wherever else, it'll help to have eyes-on.

Moreover, as well as possibly decreasing insurance costs, these systems act as an obstacle to would-be criminals.

Motion Detection Systems

A key ingredient of most warehouse security plans might be the use of motion detectors.

What happens is that when an object or person moves into the controlled area, the sensor sends a signal (a spotlight for example) to your central monitoring center, alerting those responsible for your warehouse's security.

Keep in mind these 3 important steps, to begin with, and Contact us today to find out how iView Security can help with your security needs. Email us at visit our website at or call (888) 424-8439 to get a Quote.



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