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The law regarding audio & video recordings from a camera security system in Florida

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

You might be considering upgrading your home or business security camera system. But the question you should be asking yourself is, are security cameras allowed and legal in your area? A few laws might tend to differ; however, in some cases, home surveillance is permitted only if you take specific safety measures and ensure you are obeying the law. So what does the law say regarding security systems in Florida?

Does Florida allow the installation of security cameras?

In Florida, it is illegal to record someone without their consent and knowledge, especially in areas where any person would expect total privacy. According to Florida statute §810.145you should make someone aware of security systems installation, for example, in places of work. The law, however, does not apply in the below instances.

Post a notice to let people know there are security cameras; an example is with the security cameras for business.

Security systems should not be hidden; they should be visible to everyone.

What does the law say about taping someone illegally in Florida?

The law of Video voyeurism in Florida is put in place to stop people from filming one another, especially in compromising circumstances without their knowledge. This does not apply to home security cameras because your home is your private property; even your guests should not expect privacy when visiting.

The law of camera security system in Florida

The camera security system varies from state to state. Before installing or deriving audio footage and using it somewhere, make sure you know the area’s rules regarding video or audio recording. Always check with a licensed security provider. There are quite a several security systems companies in Miami.

What are some of the cities in Florida and their laws regarding security camera installation?

  • Volusia County – Sec. 26-36 states that night businesses and stores should have hidden security cameras meeting the regulations of the department of the Sherriff.

  • Orange City – no law

  • Deltona – no law

  • Deland – No law

  • Daytona Beach – according to Sec. 26-175, there is a need for businesses to have a security camera system that can record and recover images that might come in handy, especially during an investigation of criminal identification.

  • Flagler County – No law

  • Palm Coast – No laws regarding home security cameras. But, a security camera system should record and retrieve an image in matters investigation of a criminal act.

  • Orange County – again, there are no laws for home security cameras. Sec. 25-177 insists that stores should have a security camera if a crime gets to be committed there or nearby.

  • Orlando – No law.

Security Cameras laws in north-central Florida

Alachua County and Marion county have no laws regarding security cameras or the use of security cameras on private or public property. Gainesville and Ocala cities have no rules on security cameras too.

Security Cameras Are Legal in Florida only when used correctly.

Whether there are laws or no laws regarding the use of security cameras, you can still be on the wrong side of the law if you are not correctly configuring them. For the home security cameras, ensure the cameras are only facing your property and not your neighbor’s as well.

It is also against the law for your neighbor to have their cameras pointed out to your yard. By doing so, they will be invading your privacy.

Some estates and neighborhoods have a rule on camera security systems. Before you install a camera anywhere, check-in with the homeowners regarding the installation of cameras.


As mentioned earlier, video surveillance varies from state to state. Laws differ in cases of recording phone calls and conversations. It might be hard to determine and understand the laws that involve recording devices as they can be complex. To be on the safe side, adhere to all rules always and when you are in doubt, ensure you get the permission of the involved parties before making any recording.

Monitoring, repairing, and Installing a camera security system in Florida is only done by a licensed security company.

Florida is one of the all-party consent states. An all-party consent state means you are only allowed to record people’s conversations if both parties have permitted you to do so. Keep this in mind, and if you ready to install your security system, and Contact us today to find out how iView Security can help with your security needs legally & professionally.

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