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iView Security - Your peace of mind

We live in a world where surveillance cameras have become a necessary norm. If you now have the opportunity to choose what kind of security system to choose depending on the business or location you want to protect, you have the chance to install these systems so that you can have that peace of mind; it has not always been so. The history of CCTV dates back to 1949 - when CCTV Technology was first offered commercially in America. If (at the time) they only had the possibility of live monitoring, now you can have the best view in your pocket no matter if it is day or night, so you can say indeed "iView what I need."

iView Security has been operating in the security field for 20 years. We are getting better, in step with the technology we use. We do not want to sell you a service; we want to offer you the best service on the market, and we are committed to what we are saying.

We operate in the video surveillance field based on the most modern techniques and the latest worldwide strategies. We are proud of the experience gained over time by completing complex projects to protect industrial, governmental, and residential premises. Our success is based on innovation and ingenuity, creating a definite advantage both now and in the future over any other competing company.

Our main objective is to stay at the forefront of security companies, implementing a long-term strategy based on the best technical solutions. We make a continuous effort to ensure our clients' needs by bringing the best cameras and technologies on the market. We are continually looking for safer and more efficient alternative solutions with a common attribute - quality.

According to the latest data (SOURCE: Florida Department of Law Enforcement. 2020. Crimes in Florida, 2019 Florida uniform crime report [Computer program]. Tallahassee, FL: FDLE.) the crime rate in Florida has been declining for the past three years.

Certainly, an essential factor of this is that people have begun to seriously count on businesses' security and other premises in which they live, work, or operate.

In any field, there are problems; the easiest way to solve a problem is to realize that there is one. If this is a security issue, we are here to fix it.


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