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How Security Cameras can protect a business from fraudulent INSURANCE CLAIMS

Not too long ago, having a security surveillance system installed to protect your home as a security measure was an expansive endeavor to take on. With the accessibility and affordability of technology, NOT having a surveillance security system installed seems like an odd choice to make as a business owner. Advances in technology have allowed for significant advancements (along with substantial reductions in costs) in video camera quality, recording capacity, and, importantly, affordability.

General liability insurance helps protects your business against lawsuits. But it's still better to avoid the hassle of a claim conjointly. Even if you can't prevent a claim, it's best to have it allocated as expediently as possible. Security cameras can help you do just that.

  • Security Cameras Help You Bypass False Claims

Some scammers will completely manufacture a personal injury claim. One common scam is someone spilling water on the floor and then acting to slip and fall. With no proof of what happened, you could quickly be forced into a settlement that may increase your insurance rates. If you have cameras installed, you can not only defeat the claim but also potentially have the scammer prosecuted. That way, they can't do it again somewhere else.

  • Security Cameras Tell What Really Happened

Sometimes, an injury claim isn't fabricated. But it can still be hard to get all the facts. For example, you can't be expected to mop up any spill instantly. But the longer a spill is present in your business, the more liability you potentially have. If your security footage shows that a customer spilled something that another client slipped on just a minute later, the security system could spare you from being branded as negligent.

  • Security Cameras Discourage the Intension

Security Cameras don't just tell what happened. They also improve people's behavior. That's why many stores have visible cameras to fight shoplifting. That's also why stores have video monitors at self-checkout stations.

Having outdoor cameras can help prevent car burglaries and muggings in your parking lot. While you aren't always liable for crimes on your premises, there are situations where you could be found liable for not taking sufficient steps to prevent possible crimes. Taking steps to head off crime decreases the risk of even being involved in a claim.

On the inside of your business, your cameras don't just deter thefts. They also let employees know that you may go back and watch what they're doing. This can help ensure they stick to your safety procedures instead of trimming corners.

  • Security Cameras Can Drive To Insurance Discounts

Some insurance companies offer discounts for security cameras or other features that can either decrease your risk of loss or make the claims process more comfortable. When you buy your general liability insurance policy, ask if there are any discounts available for having security cameras in place.

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Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson
Jan 13

The documentation provided by security camera footage is invaluable for investigations and insurance purposes. In case of an unfortunate event, having a record of the incident aids law enforcement and simplifies the insurance claims process. Contact Locksmith Gastonia NC for more details regarding security cameras at a genuine cost.

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